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The Real Fight Is Just Getting Started.

It’s over. Ya’ll got the person you wanted. The rest of us who wanted Sanders just couldn’t convince you. Maybe we were too whiny, a little too enthusiastic, and bit too bombastic. We shoved when we should have pointed. We screeched when we should have whispered. Instead of building a team, perhaps we built a rampart. We wanted to reform, but to you we seemed only to want to destroy.

He was to white, too old, and his policies just not for you. His style to abrasive, his calling out the problems that we face to confrontational. Perhaps for many the label of democratic socialism just was too much for you, and others believed that his supporters were represented by the tiny angry minority that sad terrible things on twitter.


Last time he benefited from a uniquely disliked opposition. Those same feelings just don’t exist for his opposition now.

That leaves us with Biden. In a time of crisis, I get it. As I watched Biden last night, I got a little nostalgic as well. He’s not my guy, but I don’t hate him, and I get why people see him as acceptable in this time of existential threat. His policies are all half-measures, and hedges, there are few bold plans... but perhaps that’s what voters really want right now a return to simple norms. I’d hoped they wanted real substantial change, but they just want a little better. Maybe that’s where we who supported Sanders went wrong... we wanted a new house, a house built on a iron clad social safety net, where we truly invest in the future, and the planet, and our people. But clearly to some we came across as though we wanted to just burn down the old one. That’s on us.


Most of us will obviously vote for Biden, who is not a very good candidate, but clearly the one favored by the party over Sanders, and unquestionably better then Trump on his worst day. A lot of us will moan and groan... but when Obama endorses him, and stands on a stage praising him, there won’t be a person here who could push back against that tide with any real affect.

Sanders just wasn’t able to garner the support from people of color and moderates that he needed, and young people just weren’t energized by his campaign enough to show up at a ballot box. I could rail against the biased media, about the unfavorable conditions of the party, the ‘establishment’ In the end Sanders didn’t lose because of these forces. The truth is our real enemy all along was complacency and lethargy. The ol’ power brokers did not stop young people from voting, they did not stop older African Americans from turning away.


His policies... Universal healthcare, student loan forgiveness, minimum wage hikes, tuition free college... these ideas are possible and more so because he ran on them. As we stand looking at an epidemic and a likely economic depression we need those progressive ideas more then ever, because the republicans would gladly see half the world die if it meant they could keep filling their bank accounts, and accumulating unfettered power. IT will be to us, the people who donated, and canvassed, and passionately argued, to push for needed changes in a Biden presidency.

We lost, but we can’t disappear. We need to show up and be counted. We need to propel the democrats to undeniable victories, flip the senate, force the conversation on M4A, the GND, and a whole host of policies that are more important then Sanders candidacy.


To the people who didn’t like Sanders, or who had issues with the people of color who supported him, give us time to lick our wounds, wipe away our tears, and bind up our wounds. We are your brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, we need each other come November. While we might disagree on many issues, we have a common foe now. A virulent racist enemy who would see us in chains and cages and be happy to remove our rights with the stroke of a pen. A resurgent fascist wave being lead by a dead beat conman and grifter.

We lost last night... but now another fight begins, and if we lose that one, I don’t think we will have a chance for another.

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