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The Day After... Opinions on Tulsi.

All but explicitly, they accuse him of treason-

Tulsi Gabbard... defending her “present” vote.

... using the money of US citizens as a way coercing a foreign country to attack a domestic political rival is an abuse of power, and a fundamentally immoral act.


Read the articles of Impeachment Gabbs... it doesn’t say ‘treason’. It says Abuse of Power, and Obstructing of Justice.

Pretending to be some arbiter of the nation, and quoting Lincoln does worse then nothing. I wish you had the guts to stand up to corruption and vote the preservation of our democracy, even if it will not pass in the senate. But you’ve chosen the middle way... which to quote Adams -” Politicks the Middle Way is none at all. If We finally fail in this great and glorious Contest, it will be by bewildering ourselves in groping after this middle way.”


Either the president was wrong, or he was right, standing up and saying present marks you as just another in a long line of enablers, bending the knee to the man at the top because you hope foolishly to court some of his insane and “out-of-touch with reality” supporters.

I thought better of you Tulsi, but you revealed yourself with this cowardly inaction to be just another in a long line of windbags, and bloviators, who history remembers as neither effectual, important, or relevant to it’s flow. You could have shown courage and stood up for the republic, for the rule of law... but instead you did the same thing with Trump as you did with Asad, tipping your cap to a flagrant wrong doer, as you throw up your hands and attack his critics rather then the actual criminal.


You may not be a Russian spy, or asset, but with this vote you’ve shown yourself to be something far worse... a spectator idly fretting about tone and propriety while the man in the White House devises new ways to cheat, grift, and bully the country into a reprehensible vehicle for his ambitions. You should be a representative of the people, not of your political ambitions... you should be a person of convictions, not of moral cowardliness.

You’ve impeached yourself, and in a way that is so spectacular as to be derided by the entire country, pro-trump forces included. You will never be one of them Tulsi, and you have alienated the only other allies you had those of the progressive movement, who to a person realize the grave threat to our future Trump and his cohort represent. Like Chamberlain of the past, you acknowledge Trumps illegality, his slide to fascism, but refuse to do anything to oppose it.


You were a soldier, but now you seem as sad as an unused windsock, desperately clinging to anyone or any group that might think you a sober leader in a time of crisis, when in truth you only care about your spotlight, and how they might further your ambitions.. As far as this American is concerned, you have shown yourself to be unworthy of the votes you garnered, and should resign. However, given your recent action, it’s clear you will remain, hopeful to receive whatever crumbs of attention you get for your spineless equivocation.

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