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Impeachment Watch: Day 18- A Kurd Gaetz You Nowhere

Another Day, and another period of time watching our country rip apart at the seams thanks to the efforts of the president of the United States.

The last few days have seen...

Guilliani’s Ghouls arrested for FEC violations...

Trump’s betrayal of the Kurd’s effectively destroying any trust allies have in our willingness to defend them (I’m looking at you Ukraine, Taiwan, South Korea, etc...)


Oh, and the president attacking Ilhan Omar again and insulting African immigrants who don’t lick his boots and “know their place”. (ie- serving glorious leader and thanking him for his benevolence)

So where do things stand with impeachment? Somewhere between low and low-medium. Today Fiona Hill, a top analyst of Russia, and someone with knowledge of the day to day work of diplomacy with Ukraine, testifies about what she knows. You can predict that the presidents lapdogs, (eager to be hopefully tweeted about so his rabid and white sheet wearing fan-base will give them likes on their Facebook pages right under the memes about blackface, and videos’ about murdering reporters,) will be in full on gross mode, as they attack, insult, mock, and scream about the process. Unless she defends the president as an unassailable god-king, expect the President to attack her as unqualified or “I don’t know who that is.”


Oh look, another stooge for the president complaining? Matt Gaetz, a congressman who has so much time kissing trump’s rear, he sports a permanent orange tan, has spent his time in congress acting the fool, and generally behaving like a man whose soul has been replaced by that of medieval court jester... has been asked to not be present. Anyone who watched his back and forth with Al Sharpton a few weeks ago, knows exactly why:

The idea that people like this have some semblance of power in America is as much an indictment of the american system of governance as anything that Trump does.


Meanwhile, the Kurds are being slaughtered, in incidents that the EU are likening to ethnic cleansing, and our countries collective response is, reserved annoyance. Trump has created a new generation of terrorists, and I wouldn’t blame any Kurd for seeing us as the traitorous monsters we are, for allowing and sanctioning these massacres to take place. Oh, and the remaining ISIS fighters who are just waiting for another moment to get their weapons back?


We owe the Kurds’ many times over, and someday, that check will become due. The hell we are creating over there for no good reason other then the president wants to have it as a campaign promise fulfillment will haunt us, and american foreign policy for decades.

Tune in next time when our topic will be: The Nightmare Before Halloween 3: Or “Watching Trump Do Anything”.

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