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Impeachment Day 19: The Devil Y'Know Vs. The Devil...

Day 19... Take a Flying Leap Zuck..

Really, Zuckerberg just turned full on heel, after trying to pretend to be neutral, yo’ boy Zuck has been carrying on secret meetings with the radical racist rights’ (formerly known as the KKK but with suits) greatest talking heads, and apparently views Warren as a big ‘ol threat to his profits and company. I mean I know calling people the devil is old hat, but seriously, when your company is just fine with direct lies that could affect elections, you’re straight evil. I’d delete my facebook, but being an adult under the age of fifty-five, I did that two years ago.


Speaking of hell? Maybe because we’ve seen this debate before, 10+ candidates all looking to be the next Obama (except Sanders, he’s running to be FDR 2: This Time For the Poors!). Honestly, given the state of the country, the world that is imploding with protests and violence, and being darker then a paper bag leading you to be murdered in your own home... I welcome an escapist debate between centrists, progressives, and... whatever the hell Yang is. Yang Gang, don’t at me, I like Yang, but to me he comes across as Zuck 2.0, try new Asian flavor! We already have a transformational president thats’ Asian and it’s not him.

Speaking of Xi Jinping...

No Really, as King Lebron echoed today, the issues of china and Hong Kong are complex, and as long as we refrain from criticism of the real King, bow down, kiss his feet, and roll over when he tells us, everything will be fine. Right James Harden? Harden? Harden!?

Well...I’m sure the people of Hong Kong, appreciate your eye roll. Now if you can just learn to dribble RIGHT for once, you might be worth something.


I’m so sorry Hong Kong, you need a champion of democracy and fairness, and were all out of both right now... can I interest you in some pandering and high minded intellectual debate while you fight for your freedom?

Does anyone else feel like we stepped into an alternate hell-dimension? I mean there used to be horrible governments and violations of basic human decency, but somehow Obama made it seem kinda ok, I mean I hated the drones, extrajudicial killings, and the lack of peace, but at least it felt like we were headed in the direction as a civilization. Now it’s hard not to see the world melting down, and I’m not talkin’ bout climate change. There are protests movements in so many places, it hard to track where they aren’t.


Speaking of civility... actual there is nothing civil about our country right now. Rule of law means almost nothing for people with power, as Trump continues to evade justice and his goons, (usually known as a cabinet) continues to grift and shirk anything resembling ethics. Betsy Devos is ignoring lawful orders, and lying continuously to the press, and is narrowly avoiding jail time. Why exactly, right powerful rich people almost never go to jail. The Republicans in congress... you know what, no, screw them. We’ve seem this movie so many times, and it’s getting repetitive.

Meanwhile at the legion of all that is terrible, Asad is being welcomed as a savior to the Kurds. Let that sink in. The guy that has been wholesale murdering his own people for about seven years is the hero the Kurds’ get right now. That’s the world Trump has created folks, Asad and Putin get to be hailed as hero’s, while America will be cursed in that region of the world for the foreseeable future by one of our only allies in the region. Bang up job of foreign policy there.


This was supposed to be about impeachment, so...

Hunter... Hunter... Hunter... that interview didn’t help anything boy-o. Apparently the smile only works for your dad with the over 50 crowd. I mean, the president’s daughter-wife and son in law are raking in millions in verified money from emolument violations by the dozen, yet here you are defending your sweet but not illegal roles on the boards of foreign companies. Have you learned nothing from Trump?


Attack, my son, attack... you should have been on fire, where is the anger, where is the outrage, where is the... never mind. The fact is that Biden’s son is a perfect distillation of pro-capitalist neo-liberalism and Centrism, talk a big game about fairness and diversity, meanwhile you rake in as much capital as you can from your connections and laugh all the way to the bank. Don’t @ me capitalists!

My prediction for tonight’s Debate?

Sanders by disqualification via Chair-shot from Buttigieg.

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