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How A Movement Dies...

It’s perfect. Consider:

Sanders numbers with African Americans has been rising steadily over the last year. He has a realistic shot at the nomination, probably better now as Biden’s number are slowly fading across the board. He and his campaign have refrained from attacking Warren, in any way. Then a relatively small political group announces they won’t be supporting him, creating suspicion of a biased internal process...


Then suddenly dozens of high profile group members begin receiving “sanders supporters” racial attacks. A veritable wave of ugly vile racist diatribes.

No matter how Sanders supporters deny it, they look like racist bigots in their denial, and these same people try to pivot to the possibly unfair process, which only furthers the suspicion or verifies that they are indeed responsible.


Sanders and his folks can only vehemently deny, but the more they do, the more the hyperbolic online blog-sphere can pillory them as fostering racism, of being a dumb cult, or at least of being blind to the problem. There is no apologizing, there is no forgiveness and love, there is scorn, derision... they are #cancelled. The damage is done. The wedge is driven, the mold is formed. Sanders is... by the neoliberal transitive nature of associative politics (copyright 2019) despite his long record of not being so.... a bigot. Ergo: If even 0.01% of millions of human beings who support you are disgusting trashbags, and they like you, you are a disgusting trashbag and anyone supporting you must be so as well.

Now, not only do Sanders supporters look terrible.... “who would want to be associated with those people!” cries the average onlooker. These same supporters are convinced they are being unfairly maligned as they have been in the past.


Are there horrible Sanders supporters among the clear tens of millions? Are they capable of racist attacks like this? Yes. Most likely. I don’t know if Sanders “supporters” actually did this, but it’s not impossible, and it’s actually more likely then not.


In this age it doesn’t matter if something is true. In this age, if it feels true, then it is. This is how we lose 2020, not in the big days, but in the small wars, the online “brigading”. When we equate the actions of a relative few, to the beliefs and feelings of the many, we don’t build coalitions, we destroy unity. When we attack someone for not supporting “our guy”, we create an enemy of a natural ally.


This is how movements die, from the inside. We have Trump because of the nations moral failings, and if Sanders fails it will be for the same reason.

It’s too perfect.

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